The objective of the game is to become last player that becomes naked while having the most fun!

The game is designed to respect all the players' limits, and aims to provide an environment where players with rather different limits can play safely within the limits each player has set for him/herself.


The equipment consists of a board, 2 dice, timer, tokens - 1 for each player, glasses - 1 for each player, standard poker 52-card deck (preferably XXX ones), Game Dollars, markers for each player to mark owned properties, fate cards, drinks to fill and refill glasses as necessary.


Before the game actually starts, each of players need to fill the questionnaire and special cards (named 'action cards') will be generated to reflect players' preferences. Cards generated are arranged into several different decks depending on the map selected for the game. Following decks are always present:


Put the board on a table and put the action decks face down on the board (there can be several squares with each deck name - put the deck on any of them); put 52-card deck on one of the casinos. Each player chooses one token to represent them while travelling around the board. Each player is given 3 Game Dollars at the start of the game. Each player places his/her token on the corner marked "START!". To determine the player who will start game, deal cards from 52-card deck one by one face up - the first player who gets an ace, will start the game.


Throw the dice and move your token (in the direction of the arrow) the number of squares indicated by the dice. After you have completed your play, the turn passes to the left. The tokens remain on the squares occupied and proceed from that point on the player's next turn. Two or more tokens may rest on the same square at the same time. Depending on the square your token reaches, you may be entitled to buy property, or be obliged to pay rent, draw a card from special deck, Go To Jail, or etc... If you throw doubles, you move your token as usual, the sum of the two dice, and are subject to any privileges or penalties pertaining to the square on which you land. Retaining the dice, throw again and move your token as before. If you throw doubles third time in succession, go to Jail instead of moving (see below about Jail).


The Bank holds 'For Sale' properties, as well as bank's Game Dollars. The Bank pays casino wins as well as pays for clothing sold.


The game is essentially a strip game, so clothing is important. It is recommended to have 6-8 clothing items per player at the beginning of the game. Items that come in pairs like socks and stockings are counted as one item. If player wants to consider jewelry as an item, all jewelry is counted as one item. To prevent abuse, multiple shirts/t-shirts/etc. are also counted as one item.

From time to time game rules will request removing clothing. It is up to the player which item of clothing to remove, unless explicitly specified by action card.


As players remove clothing, they will advance to next nudity levels, which will in turn affect actions taken by the players. There are 3 nudity levels in the game: Dressed, Semi-Nude and Naked. Any player is considered to be at Naked level when (s)he does not have any items of clothing. Any player is at Semi-Nude level when he/she has 3 or less items of clothing left. Otherwise player is at Dressed level.


Whenever you land on 'For Sale' unowned property you may buy that property for one Game Dollar. Mark this property as yours with a special marker.

If number of players is 4 or less, then when player lands on unowned property, he/she also can buy one additional property of his choice (provided he/she has enough Game Dollars). If there are only 2 players in the game, player buying property can also buy up to 2 additional properties.


When you land on 'For Sale' property which is already owned by another player, the owner collects 1 Game Dollar as a rent from you. If you don't have Game Dollars, you must give the 'owner' compensation:

If you don't have properties and clothing - you are bankrupt and will go to Jail. After serving your term in Jail (i.e. performing necessary action - see below), Bankrupts Rehabilitation Fund will grant you 3 Game Dollars.


When you land on 'For Sale' property which is already owned by yourself, you get 1 Game Dollar as a dividend on your property.


There are several types of action squares in the game, depending on the map selected.

When you land on any of these squares, take the top card from the corresponding action deck (there can be several squares for each deck - you should take the card from the same deck regardless of where you have landed). Don't open the card yet. Take a look at the nudity level listed on the back of the card, as well as at list of players allowed to take the card. If your current nudity level does not match, or you are not listed as a player allowed to take it, put the card aside without opening it and take the top card again. As soon as you have found suitable card, move all the cards you have placed aside to the bottom of the deck. If you don't find any suitable card in the full deck (which shouldn't normally happen), add all the cards that were in this deck at the beginning of the game back to it, reshuffle the deck and choose again.

Now when you have suitable action card, open it. You need to perform action described on the card. You may need one or more partners to perform action - in this case they are listed on the card. If there is more than 1 candidate to become your partner for the action, (s)he is listed as PlayerA (PlayerB, etc.) and card gives a list of players who can become PlayerA/PlayerB/etc. To choose which player will act as PlayerA, take a 52-card deck, shuffle it a little bit, and start dealing cards from the deck one by one to all the candidates listed for PlayerA, until one of them will get an ace - this player will become PlayerA for this action. Repeat the process to determine PlayerB/etc. if necessary. IMPORTANT: no player can perform more than one role in the same action, so in some cases no real choice will exist for some roles. For example, if card lists PlayerA as 'Jim, John', and PlayerB as 'John, Jim', then after selecting John as PlayerA Jim will automatically become PlayerB.

Now when you have the action card and know all of your partners (if any), perform action described on the card.

After the action, don't put action card back to the deck unless explicitly required by the card itself.


Some action cards require some kind of competition or vote. If action card states that loser in competition (vote) should perform something (e.g. remove clothing) and competition results in a tie, then all competitors should perform this action unless the card explicitly specifies otherwise. Some action cards require player's vote. The general rule is: player should not participate vote if vote result will affect him directly (e.g. (s)he may be sent to jail or required to remove 1 piece of clothing as a result of the vote).

Each time a player's token lands on or passes over START!, (s)he removes 1 item of clothing (if any).


When you land on any of 'BEACH' squares, you need to remove 1 item of clothing (all beaches are nude beaches in this game). If you already don't have any, you must take one of the action cards from any deck you want (excluding 'Final' deck).


You may end up in Jail in three cases:

In addition, if male player comes when not explicitly required to by action card, he also goes to jail. In all cases, your token will be moved to 'Jail' square, and you will need to take 'Jail' action card from 'Jail' deck and perform the action described (see above about actions). When moving to Jail, you are not considered as passing START! regardless of your position.

If you are not "sent to jail" but in the ordinary course of play land on that square, you are "Just Visiting", incur no penalty and shouldn't take any action this turn.


When you land on any of 'Casino' squares, you need to take an action card from 'Casino' deck (see above about actions) and take an action described on the card.

Many Casino cards refer to 'High Card' game which is a very simple game: each player is dealt 1 card from 52-card deck, (s)he turns it face up, player with highest card wins. Ties are resolved by dealing additional cards.


Sometimes player may get a special FATE card. They're kept for a long time and change that player's behaviour. Players normally get fates as a result of playing action card, but players can also agree on getting random fates at the game start. One player can have more than one Fate at the same time. Fates also can be carried over to the next game if it is specified in the action card.

The following fates are defined:


If a player performs poorly while performing actions prescribed by the action card, he/she may be severely punished. After the card played, any other player may pay $1 to the Bank and rise question about poor performance; then a vote will be taken, with each player except for accused in poor performance will have one vote. If majority (strictly more than 50%) will vote for the performance being poor, poor performer will go to jail and accuser will get his/her $1 back. If poor performance occurred while performing Jail card - poor performer will stay in Jail and get 2 additional Jail cards.


If player complains that 'action card' is unfair for him/her, it should be decided by the majority vote of all the players still in the game except for player him/herself; in such a vote, each female gets 2 votes, each male gets only one (women rule here); if there is a majority supporting complaining player, the card is thrown away and he/she gets the next one. If no majority is reached (including exactly 50% supporting him/her), complaint is dismissed.

If player doesn't like the card (for example, after his/her complaint is dismissed), he/she can chicken out, which is considered normal. Chicken out requires 1 Game Dollar and is punished with 1 drink shot. If player doesn't have dollars/properties/clothing and still wants to chicken out, the only way to do it is to quit the game; this is discouraged and considered a poor sportsmanship though.


When all players except for one become naked, game enters it's final stage. The player that was last to become naked, is a game winner. Winner takes 2 action cards suitable for him/her from the 'Final' deck and chooses the one he/she wants to play. Partners are determined in usual way.

'Final' cards are designed to make all the participating players come. Those players who are not participating in this 'Final' card, are free to join the action or form their own groups. The main rule for this stage is - everybody should come at least once (NO still means NO though).

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